Meeting of the italian, spanish and swiss crystallographic associations

september 9th – 12th 2013

Villa olmo, como (italy)



To register to the Conference, participants are invited to fill in the Registration Form and to follow the Payment Instructions.

Download here the Registration Form (check also the Payment page)

                                                      Early Bird Registration Fee, Euros                Late Registration Fee, Euros
                                                              Before June 15
th 2013                                After June 15th 2013

  1.    Senior Participants
         AIC, GE3C, SGK/SSCr Members                      270.00                                                    320.00

  2.    Senior Participants
         non AIC, GE3C, SGK/SSCr Members               350.00                                                    400.00

  3.    Young Participants                                              200.00                                                    230.00

  4.    Accompanying Persons                                       120.00                                                    120.00

  5.    One-Day Participants                                           80.00                                                      80.00

  1.    Social Dinner (Wednesday Night, 8.30 pm)        35.00                                                      35.00

Please note

  1.     A Young Participant is an undergraduate or a PhD student, as well as a post­doc fellow, less than 35 years old.

  1.     The Participant Registration Fee includes

                Attendance to the Conference

                The Conference Booklet and Gadgets

                Lunches, Coffee Breaks and Welcome Party

       The Fees do not include the remaining dinners, the travelling and lodging expenses.

  1.     The Accompanying Person Registration Fee includes

                Lunches, Coffee Breaks and Welcome Party


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