Meeting of the italian, spanish and swiss crystallographic associations

september 9th – 12th 2013

Villa olmo, como (italy)



PLEASE NOTE that it is VERY IMPORTANT to book the accommodation as soon as possible, as in September many tourists usually visit the town.

Hotels within walking distance from the Conference Venue are listed below. The interactive map after the list provides the locations of all the quoted hotels and of the Conference Venue

Cheaper accommodations are also possible in Bed&Breakfasts

Lake Como, Lago di Como in Italian, is Italy most popular lake and also its deepest. Lake Como is shaped like an inverted Y giving it a long perimeter. The lake is surrounded by beautiful villas and resort villages as well as hiking paths and it's popular for boat trips and water activities.

Lake Como, a popular destination since Roman times, is a top romantic travel destination and a great spot for photography.

Lake Como Location:

Lake Como is in the northern Italian Lakes District. Lake Como lies between Milan and the border of Switzerland. It's southern tip is about 40 km north of Milan. It is surrounded by mountains and hills.

Transportation to and from Lake Como:

Lake Como lies on the Milan to Switzerland train line. The train stops in the town of Como, the main town on the lake, where there is a tourist office in Piazza Cavour. The Ferrovia Nord Milano, a small train line that leaves Como from via Manzoni, runs only between Como and Milan. Milan Malpensa Airport is 40 miles away. To get to Como from the airport, take the Malpensa Express Train to Saronno and transfer to train TreNord to Como.

Other conveniently located Airports are Milano Linate and Orio al Serio (Bergamo). The latter is best suited for low-cost connections to many European Cities. Try for details.

Check frequently the “News Section” for updates on flight prices and schedules, particularly from Spain.


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