Meeting of the italian, spanish and swiss crystallographic associations

september 9th – 12th 2013

Villa olmo, como (italy)



Registration will be opened at 1.00 pm on 09.09.2013, with the first plenary lecture scheduled around 3.00 pm.

The General Assemblies of the 3 Societies will be held in different rooms on the afternoon of Wednesday, Sept. 11th.

Plenary Lectures

Stuart S.P. Parkin, IBM Almaden, San José, USA

Tilman Schirmer, University of Basel, CH

Carlo Gatti, ISTM-CNR, Milano, IT

Sakura Pascarelli, ESRF, FR

Cristobal Viedma Molero, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, ES

Microsymposia and Chairs

MS1 - Macromolecular Assemblies and Viruses     (M. Solà, Barcelona, ES)

MS2 - Structure and Properties of Organic and Inorganic Thin Films     (A. Sassella, Milano, IT)

MS3 - Frontiers in Instrumentation     (V. Dmitriev, ESRF, FR)

MS4 - Molecular compounds and intermolecular interactions     (M. A. Monge, Madrid, ES)

MS5 - Membrane Proteins and Drug Design     (G. Garau, Genova, IT)

MS6 - Aperiodic, Nano- and Defective Materials     (W. Steurer, Zurich, CH)

MS7 - Quantum Crystallography     (A. Martìn Pendàs, Oviedo, ES)

MS8 - Industrial, Forensic and Heritage Crystallography     (G. Artioli, Padova, IT)

MS9 - Crystallography at non-Ambient Conditions     (G. Aquilanti, Trieste, IT)

MS10 - Crystallography for Intelligent Materials     (K. Fromm, Fribourg, CH)

MS11 - Advances in Crystal Growth and Crystallization Methods     (M. Moret, Milano, IT)

MS12 - Advances in Polarized X-rays and in Magnetic Neutron  Diffraction     (L. Paolasini, ESRF, FR)

Round Tables

RT1 - Biocrystallography (Chair G. Zanotti, University of Padua, IT, and A. Albert, CSIC, ES)

RT2 - Graphene (Chair M. Saviano, AIC - IC-CNR, IT)

RT3 - International Year of Crystallography 2014, proposed by the AIC Teaching Commission (Chairs M. Zema, University of Pavia, IT, and F. Otalora, Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra, ES)

The pdf version of the timetable can be downloaded here.

The pdf version of the FINAL PROGRAM can be downloaded here


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