Meeting of the italian, spanish and swiss crystallographic associations

september 9th – 12th 2013

Villa olmo, como (italy)


Bursary and Funding

A limited number of Grants, mostly covering accommodation expenses, are available for undergraduate or PhD students, as well as for post-doc researchers, less than thirty-five years old.

Participants interested to apply for a Grant shall

1.Register to the Conference

2.Explicitly apply for a Grant before May, 15th 2013, by sending

a.Their Curriculum Vitae

b.A presentation letter signed by their Tutor supporting and motivating the economical request to the e-mail address

Applications sent later than May, 15th 2013 will not be taken into consideration.

Grants allocation will be made public on May, 25th 2013.


Contact Person: Dr. Simona Galli

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